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For over 15 years, Holistic Services Group has been running workplace wellbeing programs for organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and across Australia.

As Australia’s only one-stop corporate wellness provider, we make things easy for you with our extensive range of health and wellbeing programs. We work with you to tailor a program specific to your organisation, and help create a thriving culture of wellness in your workplace. Our team of expert facilitators live and breathe wellness and are leading practitioners in their fields: resiliency training, team building, stress management seminars & workshops, ergonomic assessments, fitness, yoga, mindfulness & meditation, corporate massage, plus lots more.

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Special Event

Laughter Wellbeing 2018 Conference, Workshops and Training

Greenmount Beach Hotel Gold Coast 25th Oct to 2nd Nov

Improving your Work, Life and Health one laugh at a time
Pre Conference Workshops: 2 x Half Days Oct 25th More details...
1 2 or 3 Day Conf/Festival: 1 to 3 days Oct 26th to 28th More details...
Laughter Trainings: 1 to 5 days Oct 29th to 2nd Nov More details...

Workshops, conference and trainings can be booked separately.

Call 1300 889 073 or [email protected]

Workplace Wellness Services

Leadership Training Sydney Melbourne

Leadership Training & Conferences

Inspire your employees and cultivate excellent leaders. Specialists in organisational and cultural change, we offer corporate retreats, conferences and expert keynote speakers. Browse our Speakers Bureau for a highly engaging guest speaker.
employee wellness programs sydney brisbane

Wellbeing Workshops & Wellness Programs

Whether it’s mindfulness, nutrition or a wellbeing session you’re after, we tailor our wellness workshops to meet your needs. Choose from 1 hour ‘Lunch ‘n Learn,’ half-day or full-day seminars or workshops.
office ergonomics assessments & consultants in melbourne adelaide

Workplace Ergonomics

Our assessors are leaders in their field, providing workplace ergonomic assessments, office ergonomics workshops, and train-the-trainer programs. Minimise workers compensation claims by reducing back injuries, RSI, and OOS in your workplace. Drive office productivity and innovation through our design consulting services.
corporate massage for office & events melbourne sydney adelaide

Corporate Massage

We work only with Australia's finest massage therapists to reduce employee stress, re-energise and boost staff morale. Massage is extremely popular with staff: include corporate massage in your wellness programs, offer it as a staff incentive, or at your next big event, trade show or product launch.
health and wellbeing expo corporate

Health Expos

Our health and wellbeing expos are fun, interactive, events that provide opportunities for organisations to promote a healthy culture within their workplace and as part of their marketing strategy.
Our wellness expo may include: seated massages, cooking demonstrations, yoga, tai chi, meditation classes, nutrition, wellness consultations, and more.
corporate health classes & workshops sydney melbourne brisbane adelaide perth

Corporate Health Classes

Choose from a wide range of health and fitness classes including yoga, pilates, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, weight loss programs, boxing, boot camp and more.
corporate team bonding activities and events

Team Building

Inspire collaboration, improve communication and strengthen relationships within your teams through our fun and engaging indoor and outdoor team bonding activities.

Profit from Improved Corporate Culture

Our unique wellbeing program, The 7 Aspects of Personal Wellbeing and 7 Pillars of Workplace Wellness ensure your staff experience an immediate, positive shift. Increased morale, energy and a sense of wellbeing naturally lead to greater productivity and lasting cultural change within your organisation.

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