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HSG’s Culture of Wellness© program ensures that wellness becomes part of your company’s culture.

Our unique wellbeing program, The 7 Aspects of Personal Wellbeing and 7 Pillars of Workplace Wellness ensure your staff experience an immediate, positive shift. Increased morale, energy and a sense of wellbeing naturally lead to greater productivity and lasting cultural change within your organisation.

Workplaces world-wide are transforming faster and at a larger scale than ever before – according to McKinsey Global Institute, it’s happening at 10 times faster and 300 times the scale of the industrial revolution, which is 3,000 times the impact…

At the same time, we’re facing a workplace stress epidemic, and an alarming 20 per cent of suicides are linked to work. With such incredible changes and pressures at play, we must find innovative ways to build a thriving workplace. Savvy employers recognise the growing need to maintain healthy workplaces as part of sound business practice. Dynamic organisations are embracing ‘soft skills’ such as empathy, compassion, authenticity and vulnerability, as they are essential to creative thinking, innovation and teamwork, and are fundamental to a ‘Human Workplace’.

HSG’s Culture of Wellness © program ensures that wellness becomes part of your company’s culture, with both a top-down and bottom-up approach. It is equally applicable to corporate, not for profit, and educational organisations.

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Reap the results including:

  • Phenomenal leaders who lead by example… leaders that staff want to follow – leaders that they trust, leaders they can relate to, and inspire them to bring out their best, every day.
  • A high-morale workplace environment which makes it a pleasure to communicate, collaborate, and innovate.
  • Staff who love where they work and embrace their job roles.
  • Teams which easily adapt to a dynamic environment and embrace change.

Additional Corporate Wellbeing Services

HSG has a wide range of corporate wellness services, including the following:

Satisfied Customers

We can provide corporate wellness services to your employees via live video webinars or in person at your premises in:
  • Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and most regional centres)
  • New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
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